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Volume 55, Number 541-542, 1975
Page(s) 58 - 67
Lait 55 (1975) 58-67
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1975541-5425

Influence de l'enzyme coagulante de B. mesentericus souche 76 sur les fractions de la caséine par rapport aux autres enzymes d'origine microbienne ou animale

(Reçu pour publication le 14 juin 1974.)

Abstract - Influence of the coagulating enzyme of strain B. mesentericus 76 on the casein fractions compared to that of other enzymes of microbial or animal origin
The influence of the bacterial rennet substitutes E-76 and Milkosim as well as that of the enzyme preparations of mould origin Renelase, Fromase and Meito on the αs1- and β-casein fractions was investigated. A liquid animal rennet was used as a control. The investigation was carried out applying starch-gel-electrophoresis.
Casein solutions at pH 6,6 were treated with the above mentioned substitutes in concentrations proportional to the established coagulating activities. Degradation of αs1- and β-casein fractions was stronger when these were treated with E-76 and Milkosim.
The use of E-76 and the control in the quantities commonly applied in cheese making resulted in a similar degradation pattern.
The degradation of the β-casein fraction by Milkosim was very similar to that caused by E-76.
The changes which the αs1-fraction of casein obtained after treatment of skim milk with Renelase, Fromase, Milkosim and E-76 undergo were equivalent irrespective of the reagent used.
The investigation of the curd obtained using the above substitutes gave the following results:
a) insignificant decrease of β-casein fraction when using the preparations Milkosim and E-76 compared to that resulting by using the control;
b) identical changes of αs1- and β-casein fractions treated with Renelase, Fromase, Meito and the control successively.
The influence of E-76 and the control on both pasteurized and raw sheep and cow-milk as well as that on milk with increased calcium chloride content was investigated