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Volume 40, Number 399-400, 1960
Page(s) 593 - 602
Lait 40 (1960) 593-602
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1960399-40024

Contribution a l'étude de la caséine


Institut Expérimental de Zootechnie - Modène Directeur : P. SempRIni

Abstract - The deposit from ultracentrifugation of milk shows a deep coating of opaque casein and a superficial coat of transparent casein.
The proof of coagulation through rennet conducted according to the technique of reconstituted milk prepared by dispersing the fraction of the sediment examined, amongst milk serum, has made it clear that transparent casein composed of small and medium colloidal micellæ, coagulates more rapidly than opaque casein composed, on the contrary, of larger particles of casein.
The electrophoretic structure of transparent and opaque caseins has also been examined and it has been ascertained that the transparent fraction, in respect of opaque casein, has a greater casein content a and a smaller casein β content.
The structure of transparent casein, particularly fitted for coagulation through rennet due to its high rate of coagulable a fraction and a weaker rate of β fraction, fulfilling the duties of protector, adequately explains its special behaviour with regard to rennet