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Volume 40, Number 391-392, 1960
Page(s) 22 - 27
Lait 40 (1960) 22-27
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1960391-3924

Sur les défauts de l'application pratique de différentes réglementations concernant le controle de la composition chimique de fromages


Service Vétérinaire Fédéral-Belgrade

Abstract - The most serious lack in practical application of different regulations concerning the inspection of chemical properties of cheese is the impossibility to carry out an efficient inspection of cheese applying very complicated standards in respect to their fat content in dry matter and their moisture content.
The problem is complicated by the existence of a large number of small producers who, at the same time, directly sell these products. Practically they sell cheese of all types as " whole milk cheese ", produced from whole milk which is not skimmed. However, one may find very often on sale cheese containing lesse than 10% of fat at the same price as cheese of highest quality.
Consumers are not able to evaluate the quality and value of cheese. The official inspection in our country, carried out by the Veterinary Services, based on the analytical data is practically illusory under these legislative conditions, except in cases of export.
Therefore one should abandon complicated standards and adopt a more realistic classification. The possibility for the introduction of the term " whole milk cheese ", should be explored and one should make possible to put on free sale, on local markets, all types of cheese produced from skimmed milk under condition that the type of cheese and the fat content is obligatory declared in percentage without labeling them "3 / 4 whole milk cheese", "1 / 2 whole milk, cheese " etc