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Volume 62, Number 617-620, 1982
Page(s) 409 - 414
Lait 62 (1982) 409-414
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1982617-62026

Structure des glycannes des immunoglobulines sIgA du lait de femme

Annick PIERCE-CRETEL and Geneviève SPIK

Laboratoire de Chimie Biologique de l'Université des Sciences et Techniques de Lille / et Laboratoire associé au C.N.R.S. n° 217 - 59655 Villeneuve-d'Ascq

Abstract - Structure of the glycans ot secretory immunoglobulin IgA from human milk
Secretory IgA immunoglobulins (sIgA) of human milk play an important role in the protection of infant against intestinal infection. In order to determine the biological role of the sIgA carbohydrate moiety, particularly in the inhibition of bacterial adhesion on enterocytes in which are involved cell lectins (adhesins), we have undertaken the study of the primary structure of N-and O-glycosidically linked sIgA glycans. The results we obtained show an amazing heterogeneity of glycan structures, some of which are described.

Key words: Immunoglobulins / Glycans / Human milk.

Mots clés : Immunoglobulines A / Glycannes / Lait de femme.