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Volume 43, Number 421-422, 1963
Page(s) 30 - 35
Lait 43 (1963) 30-35
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1963421-4223

Recherches sur la présence de " mycobactéries", types Hominis et Bovis, dans le lait de marché à Varsovie


Chef du Laboratoire de la tuberculose. Station sanitaire et épidémiologique. Varsovie

Abstract - l° For the detection of the tubercle bacillus in market milk, the best results are obtained when using the biological method with guinea-pigs and inoculations in the Loewenstein-Jensen media ; the technique of rubbing with milk does not give good results.
2° Tuberculous infection of market milk in Warsaw is due, in a proportion of 38.5 per cent of the cases, to a bacillus of the human type, and in a proportion of 22,2 per cent of the cases, to a bacillus of the bovine type.
3° Tuberculous infection of milk is more severe at the beginning of spring and of winter