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New Coagulant Proteases for Cheesemaking from Leaves and Latex of the Spontaneous Plant Pergularia tomentosa: Biochemical Characterization of Coagulants and Sensorial Evaluation of Cheese

Imene Leulmi, Mohammed Nasreddine Zidoune, Kahina Hafid, Fairouz Djeghim, Hayat Bourekoua, Dariusz Dziki and Renata Różyło
Foods 12 (13) 2467 (2023)

Impact of LAB from Serpa PDO Cheese in Cheese Models: Towards the Development of an Autochthonous Starter Culture

Helena Araújo-Rodrigues, António P. L. Martins, Freni K. Tavaria, João Dias, Maria Teresa Santos, Nuno Alvarenga and Manuela E. Pintado
Foods 12 (4) 701 (2023)

Ethanol-salt based two-phase partitioning for concentration of milk clotting proteases from Sweet Indrajao (Wrightia tinctoria R. Br.) fruit

Vasuki Aluru and Bindhu Omana Sukumaran
Process Biochemistry (2023)

Future Perspective and Technological Innovation in Cheese Making Using Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) as Vegetable Rennet: A Review

Michael Steven Bravo Bolívar, Federica Pasini, Silvia Marzocchi, Cesare Ravagli and Paola Tedeschi
Foods 12 (16) 3032 (2023)

Plant Milk-Clotting Enzymes for Cheesemaking

Fabrizio Domenico Nicosia, Ivana Puglisi, Alessandra Pino, Cinzia Caggia and Cinzia Lucia Randazzo
Foods 11 (6) 871 (2022)

Potential utility of callus proteases as a milk clotting alternative to naturally propagated Wrightia tinctoria proteases

Anusha Rajagopalan, Vasuki Aluru, Malini Soundarajan and Bindhu O. Sukumaran
Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology 52 (3) 264 (2022)

Challenging Sustainable and Innovative Technologies in Cheese Production: A Review

Fabijan Oštarić, Neven Antunac, Vlatka Cubric-Curik, Ino Curik, Slaven Jurić, Snježana Kazazić, Marta Kiš, Marko Vinceković, Nevijo Zdolec, Jasminka Špoljarić and Nataša Mikulec
Processes 10 (3) 529 (2022)

Identification, structure, and caseinolytic properties of milk-clotting proteases from Moringa oleifera flowers

Qiong Zhao, Aixiang Huang, Gaizhuan Wu, Qian Guo, Mei Li and Xuefeng Wang
Food Research International 159 111598 (2022)

Proteomics analysis of the bio-functions of Dregea sinensis stems provides insights regarding milk-clotting enzyme

Qiong Zhao, Cunchao Zhao, Yanan Shi, Guangqiang Wei, Kun Yang, Xuefeng Wang and Aixiang Huang
Food Research International 144 110340 (2021)

Algerian cardoon flowers express a large spectrum of coagulant enzymes with potential applications in cheesemaking

Abdellah Zikiou, Ana Cristina Esteves, Eduardo Esteves, Nuno Rosa, Sandra Gomes, António Pedro Louro Martins, Mohammed Nasreddine Zidoune and Marlene Barros
International Dairy Journal 105 104689 (2020)

Influence of Cardoon Flower (Cynara cardunculus L.) and Flock Lactation Stage in PDO Serra da Estrela Cheese

Élia Fogeiro, Paulo Barracosa, Jorge Oliveira and Dulcineia F. Wessel
Foods 9 (4) 386 (2020)

Proteases from Calotropis gigantea stem, leaf and calli as milk coagulant source

Anusha Rajagopalan, Malini Soundararajan and Bindhu Omana Sukumaran
Turkish Journal of Biochemistry 44 (3) 240 (2019)

A novel milk-clotting cysteine protease from Ficus johannis: Purification and characterization

Moslem Afsharnezhad, S. Shirin Shahangian and Reyhaneh Sariri
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 121 173 (2019)

Edible flowers as functional food: A review on artichoke (Cynara cardunculus L.)

Alina-Ioana Gostin and Viduranga Y. Waisundara
Trends in Food Science & Technology 86 381 (2019)

Enzymatic extract from flowers of Algerian spontaneous Cynara cardunculus: Milk‐clotting properties and use in the manufacture of a Camembert‐type cheese

Abdellah Zikiou and Mohammed Nasreddine Zidoune
International Journal of Dairy Technology 72 (1) 89 (2019)

Interaction between rennet source and transglutaminase in white fresh cheese production: Effect on physicochemical and textural properties

Belén García-Gómez, Mª Lourdes Vázquez-Odériz, Nieves Muñoz-Ferreiro, Mª Ángeles Romero-Rodríguez and Manuel Vázquez
LWT 113 108279 (2019)

An Evaluation of the Clotting Properties of Three Plant Rennets in the Milks of Different Animal Species

Katia Liburdi, Carlo Boselli, Gilberto Giangolini, Simonetta Amatiste and Marco Esti
Foods 8 (12) 600 (2019)

Improving the catalytic, kinetic and thermodynamic properties of Bacillus subtilis KU710517 milk clotting enzyme via conjugation with polyethylene glycol

Hala Refaat Wehaidy, Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Naby, Wafaa Ghoneim Shousha, Mohammed I.Y. Elmallah and Michael Mounir Shawky
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 111 296 (2018)

Biotechnological Applications of Plant Proteolytic Enzymes

Miguel A. Mazorra-Manzano, Jesús M. Moreno-Hernández and Juan C. Ramírez-Suarez
Biotechnological Applications of Plant Proteolytic Enzymes 21 (2018)

Biotechnological Applications of Plant Proteolytic Enzymes

D’Ipólito Sebastián, María Gabriela Guevara, Tito Florencia Rocío and Tonón Claudia Virginia
Biotechnological Applications of Plant Proteolytic Enzymes 1 (2018)

Technological properties of milk gels produced by chymosin and wild cardoon rennet optimized by response surface methodology

Amal Ben Amira, Abir Mokni, Hela Yaich, et al.
Food Chemistry 237 150 (2017)

Peynir Üretimi İçin Sütü Pıhtılaştıran Enzimlere Genel Bir Bakış ve Güncel Gelişmeler

Songül Çakmakçı, Ayşin Cantürk and Yusuf Çakır
Akademik Gıda 396 (2017)

Changes in volatile composition and sensory properties of Iranian ultrafiltered white cheese as affected by blends of Rhizomucor miehei protease or camel chymosin

M. Soltani, D. Sahingil, Y. Gokce and A.A. Hayaloglu
Journal of Dairy Science 99 (10) 7744 (2016)

AFLP assessment of the genetic diversity of Calotropis procera (Apocynaceae) in the West Africa region (Benin)

D. Angelo R. Agossou Yao, Yves Sprycha, Stefan Porembski and Renate Horn
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 62 (6) 863 (2015)

Physicochemical, proteolysis and texture changes during the storage of a mature soft cheese treated by high-pressure hydrostatic

Francisco José Delgado, Joaquín Rodríguez-Pinilla, Gracia Márquez, Isidro Roa and Rosario Ramírez
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Engineering a cardosin B-derived rennet for sheep and goat cheese manufacture

Carla Malaquias Almeida, David Gomes, Carlos Faro and Isaura Simões
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 99 (1) 269 (2015)

Plant proteases as milk-clotting enzymes in cheesemaking: a review

Manzoor Ahmad Shah, Shabir Ahmad Mir and Mohd Amir Paray
Dairy Science & Technology 94 (1) 5 (2014)

Characterisation of potential milk coagulants from Calotropis gigantea plant parts and their hydrolytic pattern of bovine casein

R. Anusha, Maheshwari Kumari Singh and O. S. Bindhu
European Food Research and Technology 238 (6) 997 (2014)

Purification and Characterization of a Chymosin from Rhizopus microsporus var. rhizopodiformis

Qian Sun, Xi-Ping Wang, Qiao-Juan Yan, Wei Chen and Zheng-Qiang Jiang
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Nivulian-II a new milk clotting cysteine protease of Euphorbia nivulia latex

Shamkant B. Badgujar and Raghunath T. Mahajan
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Proteolysis, microbiology and sensory properties of ewes’ milk cheese produced with plant coagulant from cardoon Cynara cardunculus, calf rennet or a mixture thereof

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Ginger rhizome as a potential source of milk coagulating cysteine protease

Malik Muhammad Hashim, Dong Mingsheng, Muhammad Farooq Iqbal and Chen Xiaohong
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Digestive Enzymes of the Crustaceans Munida and Their Application in Cheese Manufacturing: A Review

Rocco Rossano, Marilena Larocca and Paolo Riccio
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Effect of Plant Originated Coagulants and Chymosin on Ovine Milk Coagulation

Salwa Bornaz, Nejib Guizani, Nizar Fellah, et al.
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Dubiumin, a chymotrypsin-like serine protease from the seeds of Solanum dubium Fresen

Isam A. Mohamed Ahmed, Isao Morishima, Elfadil E. Babiker and Nobuhiro Mori
Phytochemistry 70 (4) 483 (2009)

Can the use of Australian cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) coagulant overcome the quality problems associated with cheese made from ultrafiltered milk?

Samson O. Agboola, Hwa H. Chan, Jian Zhao and Ata Rehman
LWT - Food Science and Technology 42 (8) 1352 (2009)

Production of milk clotting protease by a local isolate of Mucor circinelloides under SSF using agro-industrial wastes

R. Sathya, B. V. Pradeep, J. Angayarkanni and M. Palaniswamy
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 14 (6) 788 (2009)

Kinetic characterization of hydrolysis of camel and bovine milk proteins by pancreatic enzymes

Maryam Salami, Reza Yousefi, Mohammad Reza Ehsani, et al.
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Influence of different amounts of vegetable coagulant from cardoon Cynara cardunculus and calf rennet on the proteolysis and sensory characteristics of cheeses made with sheep milk

E. Galán, F. Prados, A. Pino, L. Tejada and J. Fernández-Salguero
International Dairy Journal 18 (1) 93 (2008)

Proteolysis in goats’ milk cheese made with calf rennet and plant coagulant

L. Tejada, A. Abellán, J.M. Cayuela, A. Martínez-Cacha and J. Fernández-Salguero
International Dairy Journal 18 (2) 139 (2008)

Characterization of the milk-clotting properties of extracts from artichoke (Cynara scolymus, L.) flowers

Soledad Chazarra, Lara Sidrach, Dorotea López-Molina and José Neptuno Rodríguez-López
International Dairy Journal 17 (12) 1393 (2007)

Milk-clotting activity of enzyme extracts from sunflower and albizia seeds and specific hydrolysis of bovine κ-casein

A.S. Egito, J.-M. Girardet, L.E. Laguna, et al.
International Dairy Journal 17 (7) 816 (2007)

Clotting and proteolytic properties of plant coagulants in regular and ultrafiltered bovine skim milk

Yit Hwei Low, Samson Agboola, Jian Zhao and Mee Yi Lim
International Dairy Journal 16 (4) 335 (2006)

Contribution of coagulant and native microflora to the volatile-free fatty acid profile of an artisanal cheese

Freni K. Tavaria, Tânia G. Tavares, A.C. Silva-Ferreira and F. Xavier Malcata
International Dairy Journal 16 (8) 886 (2006)

Isolation and Partial Characterisation of Milk-clotting Aspartic Protease from Streblus asper

S. Senthilkumar, D. Ramasamy and S. Subramanian
Food Science and Technology International 12 (2) 103 (2006)

Proteolysis in miniature cheddar-type cheeses manufactured using extracts from the crustacean Munida as coagulant

R. Rossano, P. Piraino, A. D’Ambrosio, et al.
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Formation of bitter peptides during ripening of ovine milk cheese made with different coagulants

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Cheesemaking with vegetable coagulants—the use of Cynara L. for the production of ovine milk cheeses

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Proteolysis in miniature Cheddar‐type cheeses made using blends of chymosin and Cynara cardunculus proteinases as coagulant

James A O'Mahony, Maria J Sousa and Paul L H Mcsweeney
International Journal of Dairy Technology 56 (1) 52 (2003)