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Lactic acid bacteria in cow raw milk for cheese production: Which and how many?

Luca Bettera, Alessia Levante, Elena Bancalari, Benedetta Bottari and Monica Gatti
Frontiers in Microbiology 13 (2023)

Automatic Milking Systems in the Production of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese: Effects on the Milk Quality and on Cheese Characteristics

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Alessia Levante, Gaia Bertani, Benedetta Bottari, et al.
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Massive Survey on Bacterial–Bacteriophages Biodiversity and Quality of Natural Whey Starter Cultures in Trentingrana Cheese Production

Andrea Mancini, Maria Cid Rodriguez, Miriam Zago, et al.
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Characterization of Yeasts Isolated from Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Natural Whey Starter: From Spoilage Agents to Potential Cell Factories for Whey Valorization

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Characterization of Bacteria in Nigerian Yogurt as Promising Alternative to Antibiotics in Gastrointestinal Infections

Anthony Opeyemi Ayeni, Werner Ruppitsch and Funmilola Abidemi Ayeni
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How the Fewest Become the Greatest. L. casei’s Impact on Long Ripened Cheeses

Benedetta Bottari, Alessia Levante, Erasmo Neviani and Monica Gatti
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Lactic Acid Bacterium Population Dynamics in Artisan Sourdoughs Over One Year of Daily Propagations Is Mainly Driven by Flour Microbiota and Nutrients

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Probiotic Potential of Autochthone Microbiota from S&#227;o Jorge and <i>Parmigiano-Reggiano</i> Cheeses

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Polyphasic Approach to Bacterial Dynamics during the Ripening of Spanish Farmhouse Cheese, Using Culture-Dependent and -Independent Methods

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