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Enzymatic coagulation of raw and reconstituted skim dromedary and cows’ milk powders: Kinetics, rheological and morphological properties

Imène Felfoul, Alia Bouazizi, Jennifer Burgain, Carole Perroud, Claire Gaiani, Joël Scher, Hamadi Attia and Jérémy Petit
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Partitioning of individual caseins between rennet curd and whey: Impact of pre-acidification and pre-salting of reconstituted skim milk

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Analysis of Microbiota Persistence in Quebec’s Terroir Cheese Using a Metabarcoding Approach

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Ruifen Li, Tijs A.M. Rovers, Tanja Christine Jæger, et al.
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The Impact of Seasonality in Pasture-Based Production Systems on Milk Composition and Functionality

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Tailoring the structure of casein micelles through a multifactorial approach to manipulate rennet coagulation properties

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Drainage and demineralisation of model cheeses made from reverse osmosis concentrates

Isabelle Fournier, Michel Britten and Yves Pouliot
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Use of glyoxyl-agarose immobilized ficin extract in milk coagulation: Unexpected importance of the ficin loading on the biocatalysts

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Investigation of an in‐line prototype fluorescence and infrared backscatter sensor to monitor rennet‐induced coagulation of skim milk at different protein concentrations

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