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The use of milk Fourier-transform infrared spectra for predicting cheesemaking traits in Grana Padano Protected Designation of Origin cheese

Arnaud Molle, Claudio Cipolat-Gotet, Giorgia Stocco, Alessandro Ferragina, Paolo Berzaghi and Andrea Summer
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Pepsin-induced hydrolysis and coagulation of proteins in goat, sheep and cow milk

Mengxiao Yang, Aiqian Ye, Elliot Paul Gilbert, Zhi Yang, David W. Everett and Harjinder Singh
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Determination of The Suitability to European Union and Turkish Standards of Fat Ratios in Cow Milk Obtained from Kirklareli Province

Ayşe Burcu ATALAY and Murat ÇİMEN
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Goat cheese yield and recovery of fat, protein, and total solids in curd are affected by milk coagulation properties

Giuseppe M. Vacca, Giorgia Stocco, Maria L. Dettori, Giovanni Bittante and Michele Pazzola
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The effects of feeding supplementation on the nutritional quality of milk and cheese from sheep grazing on dry pasture

Giovanni Caprioli, Franks Kamgang Nzekoue, Dennis Fiorini, et al.
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Genomic analysis of the origins of extant casein variation in goats

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The behaviour of Arabian donkey milk during acidification compared to bovine milk

Ichrak Charfi, Feriel Rezouga, Anissa Makhlouf and Salwa Bornaz
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Cheese yield, cheesemaking efficiency, and daily production of 6 breeds of goats

Giuseppe M. Vacca, Giorgia Stocco, Maria L. Dettori, et al.
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A structural comparison of casein micelles in cow, goat and sheep milk using X-ray scattering

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Process analytical technology for cheese manufacture

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A tool for explaining the differences on renneting characteristics of milks from different origins: the surface hydrophobicity approach

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Translation attenuation via 3′ terminal codon usage in bovine csn1s2 is responsible for the difference in αs2- and β-casein profile in milk

Julie J Kim, Jaeju Yu, Jnanankur Bag, Marica Bakovic and John P Cant
RNA Biology 12 (3) 354 (2015)

Effects of extruded linseed or alfalfa protein concentrate in interaction with two levels of concentrates on milk production and composition in dairy cows

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Factors affecting variation of different measures of cheese yield and milk nutrient recovery from an individual model cheese-manufacturing process

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A study on the texture diversity of the Artisan Ranchero Cheese from Central Mexico

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