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Synchronous Front-Face Fluorescence Spectra: A Review of Milk Fluorophores

Paulina Freire, Anna Zamora and Manuel Castillo
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Spectroscopic technologies and data fusion: Applications for the dairy industry

Elena Hayes, Derek Greene, Colm O’Donnell, Norah O’Shea and Mark A. Fenelon
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Front-Face Fluorimeter for the Determination of Cutting Time of Cheese Curd

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Farklı Lokasyonlarda Yetiştirilen Kirazların (Prunus cerasus) Bazı Fizikokimyasal Özellikleri ve Aroma Bileşenlerinin Belirlenmesi

Özden İLHAN and Nevzat ARTIK
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Application of fluorescence spectroscopy for rapid and noninvasive quality determination of yoghurt ice cream using chemometrics

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Nondestructive Hygiene Monitoring on Pork Meat Surface Using Excitation–Emission Matrices with Two-Dimensional Savitzky–Golay Second-Order Differentiation

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