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Cocoa by-product inclusion in dairy sheep diet: effect on sensory, volatile and antioxidant properties of cheese

M. Caccamo, G. Luciano, T. Rapisarda, V.M. Marino, C. Pasta, A. Natalello, G. Mangione, B. Valenti, A. Campione, G. Marino and M. Pauselli
Journal of Dairy Science (2024)

Consumer Perception and Liking of Parmigiano Reggiano Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Cheese Produced with Milk from Cows Fed Fresh Forage vs. Dry Hay

Matilde Tura, Mara Antonia Gagliano, Francesca Soglia, Alessandra Bendini, Francesca Patrignani, Massimiliano Petracci, Tullia Gallina Toschi and Enrico Valli
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Dairy goat performance in two grazing regimes: silvopastoral rangeland or abandoned agricultural land, and two supplementation treatments in central Mexico

Aurora Sainz-Ramírez, Joaquín M. Castro-Montoya, Felipe López-González and Carlos Manuel Arriaga-Jordán
Tropical Animal Health and Production 56 (4) (2024)

Sensory and Chemical Keys to Differentiate Cantal and Salers Pdo Uncooked Cheeses

Cécile BORD, Julie Benoit, Delphine Guerinon, Louis Lenoir, Gilles Dechambre, Christophe CHASSARD and Christian Coelho
SSRN Electronic Journal (2023)

Composition of Ewe’s Lump cheese during the production season

Peter Zajác, Jozef Čurlej, Jozef Čapla, Lucia Benešová and Silvia Jakabová
Cogent Food & Agriculture 9 (1) (2023)

Dietary tannin and different breeds alter the fatty acid profile and sensory properties of artisanal goat coalho cheese

Élice Brunelle Lessa dos Santos, Camila Fraga da Costa, Sheyla Priscila Oliveira do Nascimento, Ana Paula Ribeiro da Silva, Aline Silva de Sant’ana, Raquel Guidetti Vendruscolo, Francesca Silva Dias, Cedenir Pereira de Quadros, Roger Wagner and Daniel Ribeiro Menezes
Small Ruminant Research 224 106997 (2023)

Characterisation and sensory appraisal of fresh ‘molido’ cheese from cows fed different levels of sunflower silage inclusion in small-scale dairy systems

Aurora Sainz-Ramírez, Vianey Colín-Navarro, Julieta Gertrudis Estrada-Flores, José Velarde-Guillen, Felipe López-González and Carlos Manuel Arriaga-Jordán
Tropical Animal Health and Production 55 (1) (2023)

Carla Ivonne Ortega-González, Angélica Espinoza-Ortega, Laura Patricia Sánchez-Vega, Aurora Sainz-Ramírez, Felipe López-González and Carlos M. Arriaga-Jordan

Dairy goats fed sunflower hay intercropped with chickpea in small-scale systems. Part I: Animal performance

Aurora Sainz-Ramírez, Julieta-Gertrudis Estrada-Flores, José Velarde-Guillén, Felipe López-González and Carlos-Manuel Arriaga-Jordán
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias 36 (1) 33 (2022)

Dairy goats fed sunflower hay intercropped with chickpea in small-scale systems. Part II: Cheese yield and composition, sensory analysis and economic performance

Aurora Sainz-Ramírez, Julieta-Gertrudis Estrada-Flores, José Velarde-Guillén, Felipe López-González and Carlos-Manuel Arriaga-Jordán
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias 36 (2) 98 (2022)

Review: Quality of animal-source foods

S. Prache, C. Adamiec, T. Astruc, E. Baéza-Campone, P.E. Bouillot, A. Clinquart, C. Feidt, E. Fourat, J. Gautron, A. Girard, L. Guillier, E. Kesse-Guyot, B. Lebret, F. Lefèvre, S. Le Perchec, B. Martin, P.S. Mirade, F. Pierre, M. Raulet, D. Rémond, P. Sans, I. Souchon, C. Donnars and V. Santé-Lhoutellier
Animal 16 100376 (2022)

Application of Calcium Citrate in the Manufacture of Acid Rennet Cheese Produced from High-Heat-Treated Goat’s Milk from Spring and Autumn Season

Małgorzata Pawlos, Agata Znamirowska-Piotrowska, Magdalena Kowalczyk and Grzegorz Zaguła
Molecules 27 (17) 5523 (2022)

Co-construction of a method for evaluating the intrinsic quality of bovine milk in relation to its fate

L. Rey-Cadilhac, R. Botreau, A. Ferlay, S. Hulin, C. Hurtaud, R. Lardy, B. Martin and C. Laurent
Animal 15 (7) 100264 (2021)

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Influence of the kappa casein genotype on the technological properties of cow milk of Simmental and Alatau breeds

Aigerim Zh. Khastayeva, Laura A. Mamayeva, Aizhan T. Abylgazinova, Venera S. Zhamurova, Nurlybek Zh. Karimov and Karlygash M. Muratbekova
Functional & Integrative Genomics 21 (2) 231 (2021)

The Effect of Verbal and Iconic Messages in the Promotion of High-Quality Mountain Cheese: A Non-Hypothetical BDM Approach

Maria Elena Marescotti, Mario Amato, Eugenio Demartini, Francesco La Barbera, Fabio Verneau and Anna Gaviglio
Nutrients 13 (9) 3063 (2021)

Characterisation of the profile of volatiles of Polish Emmental cheese

Agnieszka Pluta-Kubica, Jacek Domagała, Robert Gąsior, Krzysztof Wojtycza and Mariusz Witczak
International Dairy Journal 116 104954 (2021)

Influence of milk protein polymorphism of Italian Brown and French Holstein cows on curd yield

Luigi Zicarelli, Roberto Napolano, Giuseppe Campanile, Gianluigi Zullo, Fabio Zicarelli, Diana Neri, Aldo Di Luccia, Rossella Di Palo and Barbara la Gatta
International Dairy Journal 120 105083 (2021)

Effect of forage type, season, and ripening time on selected quality properties of sheep milk cheese

E. Renes, D. Fernández, D. Abarquero, V. Ladero, M.A. Álvarez, M.E. Tornadijo and J.M. Fresno
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Invited review: A 2020 perspective on pasture-based dairy systems and products

Alice Moscovici Joubran, Karina M. Pierce, Niamh Garvey, Laurence Shalloo and Tom F. O'Callaghan
Journal of Dairy Science 104 (7) 7364 (2021)

The volatile organic compound profile of ripened cheese is influenced by crude protein shortage and conjugated linoleic acid supplementation in the cow's diet

Qianlin Ni, Flavia Gasperi, Eugenio Aprea, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (2) 1377 (2020)

Diversity of non-starter lactic acid bacteria in autochthonous dairy products from Western Balkan Countries - Technological and probiotic properties

Amarela Terzić-Vidojević, Katarina Veljović, Maja Tolinački, Milica Živković, Jovanka Lukić, Jelena Lozo, Đorđe Fira, Branko Jovčić, Ivana Strahinić, Jelena Begović, Nikola Popović, Marija Miljković, Milan Kojić, Ljubiša Topisirović and Nataša Golić
Food Research International 136 109494 (2020)

Consequences of walking or transport by truck on milk yield and quality, as well as blood metabolites, in Holstein, Montbéliarde, and Valdostana dairy cows

M. Koczura, M. Bouchon, G. Turille, M. De Marchi, M. Kreuzer, J. Berard and B. Martin
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (4) 3470 (2020)

Effect of breed on physicochemical and sensory characteristics of fresh, semihard and hard goat’s milk cheeses

María Fresno, Alexandr Torres, Juan Capote and Sergio Álvarez
Journal of Applied Animal Research 48 (1) 425 (2020)

Evolution of physicochemical and texture parameters throughout an extended ripening on a goat surface mold cheeses made in a tropical region in Mexico

Rosa Vázquez-García, José Gerardo Montejano-Gaitán, Anaberta Cardador-Martínez, et al.
CyTA - Journal of Food 18 (1) 683 (2020)

Hay or silage? How the forage preservation method changes the volatile compounds and sensory properties of Caciocavallo cheese

F. Serrapica, P. Uzun, F. Masucci, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (2) 1391 (2020)

Mineral and fatty acid composition of milk from native Jutland and Danish Red 1970 cattle breeds

N. A. Poulsen, B. D. Szekeres, M. Kargo and L. B. Larsen
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Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of goat milk from animals grown in a mountainous area in Bulgaria

D. Pamukova, N. Rusenova, T. Kolev, S. Chobanova and N. Naydenova
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Volatile organic compounds in milk and mozzarella: Comparison between two different farming systems

Giuseppe Natrella, Giuseppe Gambacorta, Pasquale De Palo, Aristide Maggiolino and Michele Faccia
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Effect of grazing cows in an intensive silvopastoral system with Leucaena leucocephala on Panela cheese properties: yield, composition, fatty acid profile and sensory acceptability

Asmaa H. M. Moneeb, Carlos F. Aguilar‐Pérez, Armín J. Ayala‐Burgos, Francisco J. Solorio-Sánchez and Juan C. Ku‐Vera
Animal Science Journal 90 (9) 1303 (2019)

Milk composition, but not cheese properties, are impaired the day after transhumance to alpine pastures

Madeline Koczura, Bruno Martin, Germano Turille, et al.
International Dairy Journal 99 104540 (2019)

Milk fat composition modifies the texture and appearance of Cantal-type cheeses but not their flavor

Marie Frétin, Bruno Martin, Solange Buchin, Béatrice Desserre, René Lavigne, Emilie Tixier, Carole Cirié, Cécile Bord, Marie-Christine Montel, Céline Delbès and Anne Ferlay
Journal of Dairy Science 102 (2) 1131 (2019)

Linear regression models for estimating the effect of technological factors on the sensory characteristics of goat cheeses

Pilar Ruiz Pérez‐Cacho, María Auxiliadora de la Haba Ruiz, Rafaela Dios‐Palomares and Hortensia Galán‐Soldevilla
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 54 (7) 2396 (2019)

Grasslands—more important for ecosystem services than you might think

J. Bengtsson, J. M. Bullock, B. Egoh, C. Everson, T. Everson, T. O'Connor, P. J. O'Farrell, H. G. Smith and R. Lindborg
Ecosphere 10 (2) (2019)

From milk to cheese: Evolution of flavor fingerprint of milk, cream, curd, whey, ricotta, scotta, and ripened cheese obtained during summer Alpine pasture

M. Bergamaschi and G. Bittante
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (5) 3918 (2018)

Factors Influencing the Flavour of Bovine Milk and Cheese from Grass Based versus Non-Grass Based Milk Production Systems

Kieran Kilcawley, Hope Faulkner, Holly Clarke, Maurice O’Sullivan and Joseph Kerry
Foods 7 (3) 37 (2018)

The inclusion of fresh forage in the lactating buffalo diet affects fatty acid and sensory profile of mozzarella cheese

P. Uzun, F. Masucci, F. Serrapica, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (8) 6752 (2018)

From cow to cheese: Novel phenotypes related to the sensory profile of model cheeses from individual cows

C. Cipolat-Gotet, A. Cecchinato, M.A. Drake, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (7) 5865 (2018)

Compositional profile of ovine milk with a high somatic cell count: A metabolomics approach

Pierluigi Caboni, Cristina Manis, Ignazio Ibba, et al.
International Dairy Journal 69 33 (2017)

The effects of low-input grazing systems and milk pasteurisation on the chemical composition, microbial communities, and sensory properties of uncooked pressed cheeses

Marie Frétin, Anne Ferlay, Isabelle Verdier-Metz, et al.
International Dairy Journal 64 56 (2017)

Effect of pasture versus indoor feeding systems on quality characteristics, nutritional composition, and sensory and volatile properties of full-fat Cheddar cheese

Tom F. O'Callaghan, David T. Mannion, Deirdre Hennessy, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 100 (8) 6053 (2017)

Breed of cow and herd productivity affect milk composition and modeling of coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis

G. Stocco, C. Cipolat-Gotet, T. Bobbo, A. Cecchinato and G. Bittante
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Variation of terpenes in milk and cultured cream from Norwegian alpine rangeland-fed and in-door fed cows

Grethe Iren A. Borge, Ellen Sandberg, Jorun Øyaas and Roger K. Abrahamsen
Food Chemistry 199 195 (2016)

Effect of flaxseed supplementation of dairy cows' forage on physicochemical characteristic of milk and Raclette cheese

Dimitri Bocquel, Raphaël Marquis, Michel Dromard, Paul‐André Salamin, Janine Rey‐Siggen, Julien Héritier, Agnieszka Kosińska‐Cagnazzo and Wilfried Andlauer
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From cow to cheese: genetic parameters of the flavour fingerprint of cheese investigated by direct-injection mass spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS)

Matteo Bergamaschi, Alessio Cecchinato, Franco Biasioli, et al.
Genetics Selection Evolution 48 (1) (2016)

Effect of milk thermisation and farming system on cheese sensory profile and fatty acid composition

Daniele Giaccone, Andrea Revello-Chion, Laura Galassi, et al.
International Dairy Journal 59 10 (2016)

Effects of grazing cow diet on volatile compounds as well as physicochemical and sensory characteristics of 12-month-ripened Montasio cheese

E. Aprea, A. Romanzin, M. Corazzin, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 99 (8) 6180 (2016)

Stakeholder involvement in establishing a milk quality sub-index in dairy cow breeding goals: a Delphi approach

M. Henchion, M. McCarthy, V.C. Resconi, D.P. Berry and S. McParland
Animal 10 (5) 878 (2016)

Changes in the volatile composition and sensory properties of cheeses made with milk from commercial sheep flocks managed indoors, part-time grazing in valley, and extensive mountain grazing

Izaskun Valdivielso, Marta Albisu, Mertxe de Renobales and Luis Javier R. Barron
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Evidence of terroir in milk sourcing and its influence on Cheddar cheese

Gregory Turbes, Tyler D. Linscott, Elizabeth Tomasino, et al.
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Livestock system sustainability and resilience in intensive production zones: which form of ecological modernization?

Michel Duru and Olivier Therond
Regional Environmental Change 15 (8) 1651 (2015)

Proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry: A high-throughput and innovative method to study the influence of dairy system and cow characteristics on the volatile compound fingerprint of cheeses

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Effects of dairy system, herd within dairy system, and individual cow characteristics on the volatile organic compound profile of ripened model cheeses

M. Bergamaschi, E. Aprea, E. Betta, et al.
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Evaluation of milk compositional variables on coagulation properties using partial least squares

Julie H Bland, Alistair S Grandison and Colette C Fagan
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Effect of adjuncts on sensory properties and consumer liking of Scamorza cheese

A. Braghieri, N. Piazzolla, A. Romaniello, et al.
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Volatile compounds in Nanos cheese: their formation during ripening and sesonal variation

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Forage Legumes for Grazing and Conserving in Ruminant Production Systems

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Traditional cheeses: Rich and diverse microbiota with associated benefits

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Süt Sığırlarında Mevsimsel Beslemenin Sütün Karotenoid İçeriğine Etkileri

Hayrettin Çayıroğlu, Güray Erener and Ahmet Şahin
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Fatty acid and sensory profiles of Caciocavallo cheese as affected by management system

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Automatic Discrimination of the Geographical Origins of Milks by Excitation-Emission Fluorescence Spectrometry and Chemometrics

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Effect of somatic cell count in goat milk on yield, sensory quality, and fatty acid profile of semisoft cheese

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