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The effect of concentrated buttermilk on cheese milk rennet-induced coagulation and rheological properties at various buttermilk to skim milk ratios

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Impact of technological processes on buffalo and bovine milk fat crystallization behavior and milk fat globule membrane phospholipids profile

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Rennet coagulation properties of milk in the presence of MFGM fragments isolated from raw – and pasteurised-cream buttermilk

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Formation, Stability and In Vitro Digestion of β-carotene in Oil-in-Water Milk Fat Globule Membrane Protein Emulsions

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Effect of heat treatment and pH on the efficiency of micro-diafiltration for the separation of native fat globules from cream in butter production

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Effect of Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum L.) on Milk Fat Globule Membrane Stability and Micro Structure Properties After Heat Treatment

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Thermal Food Processing

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