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Synergistic combination of cryoprotectants improved freeze‐dried survival rate and viable counts of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum

Wenlong Ma, Yinghua Li, Wenli Kang, Yifeng Han, Boxing Yin, Renqin Yang, Rongxue Tang, Lina Pan, Jiaqi Wang, Wei Li, Yujun Huang and Ruixia Gu
International Journal of Dairy Technology (2024)

A strategy to promote the convenient storage and direct use of polyhydroxybutyrate-degrading Bacillus sp. JY14 by lyophilization with protective reagents

Su Hyun Kim, Nara Shin, Suk Jin Oh, Jeong Hyeon Hwang, Hyun Jin Kim, Shashi Kant Bhatia, Jeonghee Yun, Jae-Seok Kim and Yung-Hun Yang
Microbial Cell Factories 22 (1) (2023)

Multiobjective optimization of frozen and freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus CFL1 production via the modification of fermentation conditions

Maria de L Tovilla Coutiño, Stéphanie Passot, Ioan-Cristian Trelea, Marie-Hélène Ropers, Yann Gohon and Fernanda Fonseca
Journal of Applied Microbiology 134 (2) (2023)

Synergistic combination of cryoprotectants for high freeze-dried survival rate and viable cell counts of Streptococcus thermophilus

Lijun Di, Wenlong Ma, Wenli Kang, Yujun Huang, Zhongkun Wu, Boxing Yin, Renqin Yang, Xuecong Liu, Lina Pan, Jiaqi Wang, Li Wei and Ruixia Gu
Drying Technology 41 (9) 1444 (2023)

Effect of two preservation methods on the viability and enzyme production of a recombinant Komagataella phaffii (Pichia pastoris) strain

Angela María Alvarado-Fernández, Edwin Alexander Rodríguez-López, Angela Johana Espejo-Mojica, Angela Rocío Mosquera-Arévalo, Carlos Javier Alméciga-Díaz and Alba Alicia Trespalacios-Rangel
Cryobiology 105 32 (2022)

Trial productions of freeze-dried Lactobacillus plantarum culture using dairy by-products as cryoprotectants: Viability and characterization of cultures

Gamze Üçok and Durmuş Sert
Food Bioscience 46 101541 (2022)

Survival and stability of Lactobacillus plantarum KJ03 as a freeze‐dried autochthonous starter culture for application in stink bean fermentation ( Sataw‐Dong )

Aem Nuylert, Krittanon Jampaphaeng, Akio Tani and Suppasil Maneerat
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 46 (3) (2022)

Optimization of compatible solutes for improving survival of freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus using Box-Behnken design

Guowei Shu, Bohao Li, Meng Zhang, Jie Huang, Li Chen and Xu Dong
Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis. Series E: Food Technology 25 (2) 301 (2021)

Rehydration before Application Improves Functional Properties of Lyophilized Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HAC03

Karina Arellano-Ayala, Juhwan Lim, Subin Yeo, et al.
Microorganisms 9 (5) 1013 (2021)

Technological strategies ensuring the safe arrival of beneficial microorganisms to the gut: From food processing and storage to their passage through the gastrointestinal tract

Lucía Cassani, Andrea Gomez-Zavaglia and Jesus Simal-Gandara
Food Research International 129 108852 (2020)

Impact of cultivation strategy, freeze-drying process, and storage conditions on survival, membrane integrity, and inactivation kinetics of Bifidobacterium longum

Regina Haindl, Alexandra Neumayr, Anika Frey and Ulrich Kulozik
Folia Microbiologica 65 (6) 1039 (2020)

Impact of Media Heat Treatment on Cell Morphology and Stability of L. acidophilus, L. johnsonii and L. delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckii during Fermentation and Processing

Marie Ludszuweit, Maximilian Schmacht, Claudia Keil, Hajo Haase and Martin Senz
Fermentation 6 (4) 94 (2020)

A new protectant medium preserving bacterial viability after freeze drying

Sara Bellali, Jacques Bou Khalil, Anthony Fontanini, Didier Raoult and Jean-Christophe Lagier
Microbiological Research 236 126454 (2020)

Lactobacillus plantarum as a malolactic starter culture in winemaking: A new (old) player?

Natalia Brizuela, E. Elizabeth Tymczyszyn, Liliana C. Semorile, et al.
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 38 10 (2019)

Optimal combination of multiple cryoprotectants and freezing-thawing conditions for high lactobacilli survival rate during freezing and frozen storage

Guangqiang Wang, Xiaoqing Yu, Zhi Lu, Yiting Yang, Yongjun Xia, Phoency F.-H. Lai and Lianzhong Ai
LWT 99 217 (2019)

Enhancement of viability, acid, and bile tolerance and accelerated stability in lyophilized Weissella cibaria JW15 with protective agents

Mina Kim, Dong‐Geon Nam, Sang‐Bum Kim, Pureum Im, Jeong‐Sook Choe and Ae‐Jin Choi
Food Science & Nutrition 6 (7) 1904 (2018)

Effect of Cation Influx on the Viability of Freeze-Dried Lactobacillus brevis WiKim0069

In Choi, Ho Kim, Seung Wi, et al.
Applied Sciences 8 (11) 2189 (2018)

Combining a probiotic with organic salts presents synergistic in vitro inhibition against aquaculture bacterial pathogens

Norha Constanza Bolivar, Esmeralda Chamorro Legarda, Walter Quadros Seiffert, Edemar Roberto Andreatta and Felipe do Nascimento Vieira
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology 61 (2018)

Enantioselective Reduction of Acetophenone by Lyophilized D. Carota Cells

A. R. Chanysheva, T. E. Vorobyova, E. A. Sheiko and V. V. Zorin
Bashkir chemistry journal 25 (2) 41 (2018)

Optimization of a cryoprotective medium to increase the viability of freeze-dried Streptococcus thermophilus by response surface methodology

Yingjian Lu, Lijin Huang, Tianbao Yang, Fengxia Lv and Zhaoxin Lu
LWT 80 92 (2017)

Engineering Foods for Bioactives Stability and Delivery

Yrjö H. Roos, Caroline Furlong and Naritchaya Potes
Food Engineering Series, Engineering Foods for Bioactives Stability and Delivery 247 (2017)

Effects of Persian gum and gum Arabic on the survival of Lactobacillus plantarum PTCC 1896, Escherichia coli, Xanthomonas axonopodis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae during freeze drying

Elyas Mohammadi-Gouraji, Mahmoud Sheikh-Zeinoddin and Sabihe Soleimanian-Zad
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Short communication: Protection of lyophilized milk starter Lactobacillus casei Zhang by glutathione

Juan Zhang, Qian Liu, Wei Chen, Guocheng Du and Jian Chen
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Biochemical Engineering Approaches for Increasing Viability and Functionality of Probiotic Bacteria

Huu-Thanh Nguyen, Dieu-Hien Truong, Sonagnon Kouhoundé, et al.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17 (6) 867 (2016)

Survival of Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria after Processing and during Storage: A Review

Dianawati Dianawati, Vijay Mishra and Nagendra P. Shah
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Effect of cooling rate, freeze-drying, and storage on survival of free and immobilized Lactobacillus casei ATCC 393

Dimitra Dimitrellou, Panagiotis Kandylis and Yiannis Kourkoutas
LWT - Food Science and Technology 69 468 (2016)

Survival and shelf life of Lactobacillus lactis 1464 in shrimp feed pellet after fluidized bed drying

Maneerat Wirunpan, Wanticha Savedboworn and Penkhae Wanchaitanawong
Agriculture and Natural Resources 50 (1) 1 (2016)

Protective effect of soy powder and microencapsulation on freeze-dried Lactobacillus brevis WK12 and Lactococcus lactis WK11 during storage

Hyun Jung Gwak, Jong-Hee Lee, Tae-Woon Kim, et al.
Food Science and Biotechnology 24 (6) 2155 (2015)

Effect of protective agents and previous acclimation on ethanol resistance of frozen and freeze-dried Lactobacillus plantarum strains

Bárbara Mercedes Bravo-Ferrada, Natalia Brizuela, Esteban Gerbino, Andrea Gómez-Zavaglia, Liliana Semorile and E. Elizabeth Tymczyszyn
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Cell growth and resistance of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis TOMSC161 following freezing, drying and freeze-dried storage are differentially affected by fermentation conditions

H. Velly, F. Fonseca, S. Passot, A. Delacroix-Buchet and M. Bouix
Journal of Applied Microbiology 117 (3) 729 (2014)

Next Generation Drying Technologies for Pharmaceutical Applications

Robert H. Walters, Bakul Bhatnagar, Serguei Tchessalov, et al.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 103 (9) 2673 (2014)

Performance evaluation of bulk freeze dried starter cultures of dahi and yoghurt along with probiotic strains in standardized milk of cow and buffalo

S. V. N. Vijayendra and R. C. Gupta
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Flow cytometric viability assessment of lactic acid bacteria starter cultures produced by fluidized bed drying

Gerald Bensch, Marc Rüger, Magdalena Wassermann, et al.
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Atmospheric Freeze-Impingement Drying of an Autochthonous Microencapsulated Probiotic Strain

R. Bórquez, P. Bustos, F. Caro and J. Ferrer
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Preservation of H2 production activity in nanoporous latex coatings of Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA009 during dry storage at ambient temperatures

M. Piskorska, T. Soule, J. L. Gosse, C. Milliken, M. C. Flickinger, G. W. Smith and C. M. Yeager
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Screening of freeze-dried protective agents for the formulation of biocontrol strains, Bacillus cereus AR156, Burkholderia vietnamiensis B418 and Pantoea agglomerans 2Re40

Y. Zhan, Q. Xu, M.-M. Yang, et al.
Letters in Applied Microbiology 54 (1) 10 (2012)

Viability ofLactobacillus plantarumTISTR 2075 in Different Protectants during Spray Drying and Storage

Wanticha Lapsiri, Bhesh Bhandari and Penkhae Wanchaitanawong
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Encapsulation Technologies and Delivery Systems for Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals

W Krasaekoopt and B Bhandari
Encapsulation Technologies and Delivery Systems for Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals 541 (2012)

Effect of water activity and protective solutes on growth and subsequent survival to air-drying of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium cultures

Claude P. Champagne, Yves Raymond and Jean-Paul Simon
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 95 (3) 745 (2012)

Application of spray drying for preservation of lactic acid starter cultures: a review

S.H. Peighambardoust, A. Golshan Tafti and J. Hesari
Trends in Food Science & Technology 22 (5) 215 (2011)

Biotin, Niacin, and Pantothenic Acid Assay Using Lyophilized Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014

Harutoshi TSUDA, Teruki MATSUMOTO and Yoshiko ISHIMI
Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 57 (6) 437 (2011)

Survival of spray-dried Lactobacillus kefir is affected by different protectants and storage conditions

Marina A. Golowczyc, Carla L. Gerez, Joana Silva, et al.
Biotechnology Letters 33 (4) 681 (2011)

Influence of casein-based microencapsulation on freeze-drying and storage of probiotic cells

Thomas Heidebach, Petra Först and Ulrich Kulozik
Journal of Food Engineering 98 (3) 309 (2010)

Encapsulation Technologies for Active Food Ingredients and Food Processing

Verica Manojlović, Viktor A. Nedović, Kasipathy Kailasapathy and Nicolaas Jan Zuidam
Encapsulation Technologies for Active Food Ingredients and Food Processing 269 (2010)

The protective effect of monosodium glutamate on survival of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Lactobacillus rhamnosus E-97800 (E800) strains during spray-drying and storage in trehalose-containing powders

E.O. Sunny-Roberts and D. Knorr
International Dairy Journal 19 (4) 209 (2009)

Functionality of freeze-dried L. casei cells immobilized on wheat grains

Loulouda A. Bosnea, Yiannis Kourkoutas, Natalia Albantaki, Constantina Tzia, Athanasios A. Koutinas and Maria Kanellaki
LWT - Food Science and Technology 42 (10) 1696 (2009)

Protection mechanisms of sugars during different stages of preparation process of dried lactic acid starter cultures

C. Santivarangkna, B. Higl and P. Foerst
Food Microbiology 25 (3) 429 (2008)

Recent advances in microencapsulation of probiotics for industrial applications and targeted delivery

Anil Kumar Anal and Harjinder Singh
Trends in Food Science & Technology 18 (5) 240 (2007)

Effects of protective agents on membrane fluidity of freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus

G.I. Martos, C.J. Minahk, G. Font de Valdez and R. Morero
Letters in Applied Microbiology 45 (3) 282 (2007)

Optimization of the freeze-drying media and survival throughout storage of freeze-dried Lactobacillus gasseri and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckii for veterinarian probiotic applications

María Claudia Otero, María Carolina Espeche and María Elena Nader-Macías
Process Biochemistry 42 (10) 1406 (2007)

Viability of L. casei during fermentation in soymilk and freeze-dried soymilk; effect of cryoprotectant, rehydration and storage temperature

Lela Acevska, Kristina Mladenovska, Tanja Petreska Ivanovska, et al.
Macedonian Pharmaceutical Bulletin 52 17 (2006)

Survival of Lactobacillus sakei during heating, drying and storage in the dried state when growth has occurred in the presence of sucrose or monosodium glutamate

V�nia Ferreira, V�nia Soares, Cristina Santos, et al.
Biotechnology Letters 27 (4) 249 (2005)