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Stabilisation of evaporation and spray drying processes with municipal or reverse osmosis water as an entry point for chlorate during manufacture of skim milk powder

William P. McCarthy, Eoin Murphy, Martin Danaher, Christine O'Connor and John T. Tobin
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Dynamic investigation of maltodextrins surface properties by environmental atomic force microscopy

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Goat milk powder supplemented with branched‐chain fatty acid: influence on quality and microstructure

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Influence of Lactose on the Physicochemical Properties and Stability of Infant Formula Powders: A Review

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Shelf‐life prediction of milk‐millet powders

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Microencapsulation of polyphenolic compounds recovered from red wine lees: Process optimization and nutraceutical study

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Enzyme-modified cheese powder production: Influence of spray drying conditions on the physical properties, free fatty acid content and volatile compounds

Pelin Salum, Serap Berktas, Mustafa Cam and Zafer Erbay
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Emerging Technologies and Coating Materials for Improved Probiotication in Food Products: a Review

Sourav Misra, Pooja Pandey, Chandrakant Genu Dalbhagat and Hari Niwas Mishra
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Probing maltodextrins surface properties by atomic force microscopy: Interplay of glass transition and reconstitution properties

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Progress in CFD Simulations of Fluidized Beds for Chemical and Energy Process Engineering

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Designing enhanced spray dried particles for inhalation: A review of the impact of excipients and processing parameters on particle properties

Nasser Alhajj, Niall J. O'Reilly and Helen Cathcart
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Natural food colorant from blackcurrant spray‐dried powder obtained by enzymatic treatment: Characterization and acceptability

Hernando Toscano Martínez, Maite Gagneten, Paulo Díaz‐Calderón, et al.
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Impact of the whey protein/casein ratio on the reconstitution and flow properties of spray-dried dairy protein powders

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Adhesion of Food on Surfaces: Theory, Measurements, and Main Trends to Reduce It Prior to Industrial Drying

Ana Caroline Cichella Frabetti, Jaqueline Oliveira de Moraes, Vanessa Jury, Lionel Boillereaux and João Borges Laurindo
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Assessment of the Accelerated Shelf Life of Human Milk Dehydrated by Aspersion and Treated by UV, High Pressures, and Pasteurization

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Inorganic Additive Improves the Survival of the Probiotic Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus CRL1505 During Spray Drying, Rehydration, and Storage

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Spray drying of API nanosuspensions: Importance of drying temperature, type and content of matrix former and particle size for successful formulation and process development

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Carbohydrate-based Trojan microparticles as carriers for pulmonary delivery of lipid nanocapsules using dry powder inhalation

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Changes in physical and biochemical properties of spray dried camel and bovine milk powders.

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Moisture sorption behavior and thermodynamic properties of dry‐crystallized Palada payasam (rice flakes milk pudding) mix determined using the dynamic vapor sorption method

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The development and application of sticky-point models to spray drying processes for the manufacturing of nutritional powder products and infant formulas

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Understanding important aspects of spray drying microfibrillated cellulose through statistical analysis

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Microstructure and chemical composition of camel and cow milk powders’ surface

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A novel strategy for improving drying efficiency and quality of cream mushroom soup based on microwave pre-gelatinization and infrared freeze-drying

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Stabilization of HSV-2 viral vaccine candidate by spray drying

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Usefulness of some Maillard reaction indicators for monitoring the heat damage of whey powder under conditions applicable to spray drying

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Investigation of the effect of time on the humidity caking of food powder binary mixes using a cake strength tester and visual techniques

J.J. Fitzpatrick and I. Bremenkamp
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Co-encapsulation of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E: A study of microcapsule formation and its relation to structure and functionalities using single droplet drying and micro-fluidic-jet spray drying

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Effect of sieved fractionation on the physical, flow and hydration properties of Boscia senegalensis Lam., Dichostachys glomerata Forssk. and Hibiscus sabdariffa L. powders

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Effects of pH of processing-medium on re-dispersion of spray dried, crystalline nanoparticles of pure naproxen

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Microwave‐convective hot airdried jamun (Syzygium cumini L.) pulp powder: Optimization of drying aids

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Sugar type matters in spray drying: Homogeneous distribution in milk powder favors repulsive interactions between proteins

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Effect of the type of carbohydrate on the DVS critical relative humidity in spray-dried fat-filled pea protein-based powders: Comparison with monolayer coverage and Tg values

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Tools For Chemical Product Design - From Consumer Products to Biomedicine

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