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Nutritional and microbial profiles of ripened plant-based cheese analogs collected from the European market

Isabela Jaeger, Cecília R. Köhn, Joshua D. Evans, Jeverson Frazzon, Pierre Renault and Caroline Isabel Kothe
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Emerging Parameters Justifying a Revised Quality Concept for Cow Milk

Matteo Mezzetti, Matilde Maria Passamonti, Margherita Dall’Asta, Giuseppe Bertoni, Erminio Trevisi and Paolo Ajmone Marsan
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The Noble Method in the dairy sector as a sustainable production system to improve the nutritional composition of dairy products: A review

Andrea Balivo, Raffaele Sacchi and Alessandro Genovese
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Compositional Characteristics, Fatty Acid Profile, Phenolic Content and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) of Feta Cheese Made in Mountainous Grasslands and Plains of Greece

Martha Maggira, Maria D. Ioannidou, Zoi M. Parissi, Eleni M. Abraham, Maria Karatassiou and Georgios Samouris
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The analysis of industrial produced autochthonous type of kajmak

Dajana Vukic, Vladimir Vukic, Mirela Ilicic, Snezana Kravic, Katarina Kanuric, Jovana Degenek, Zorica Stojanovic and Ana Djurovic
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Development of New HS–SPME–GC–MS Technique to the Measurement of Volatile Terpenoid Profile of Milk

Rita Székelyhidi, Erika Hanczné Lakatos, Beatrix Sik and Zsolt Ajtony
Food Analytical Methods 14 (12) 2585 (2021)

The determination of fatty acids in cheeses of variable composition (cow, ewe's, and goat) by means of near infrared spectroscopy

M. Inmaculada González-Martín, Ana M. Vivar-Quintana, Isabel Revilla and Javier Salvador-Esteban
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The effect of different dietary treatments on volatile organic compounds and aromatic characteristics of buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Emilio Sabia, Matthias Gauly, Fabio Napolitano, Giulia Francesca Cifuni and Salvatore Claps
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Milk composition, but not cheese properties, are impaired the day after transhumance to alpine pastures

Madeline Koczura, Bruno Martin, Germano Turille, et al.
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From cow to cheese: Novel phenotypes related to the sensory profile of model cheeses from individual cows

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Compositional characteristics and volatile organic compounds of traditional PDO Feta cheese made in two different mountainous areas of Greece

Despina Bozoudi, Efthymia Kondyli, Salvatore Claps, Magdalini Hatzikamari, Alexandra Michaelidou, Costas G Biliaderis and Evanthia Litopoulou‐Tzanetaki
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Fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins in ewe’s milk predicted by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Determination of seasonality

I. Revilla, O. Escuredo, M.I. González-Martín and C. Palacios
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Discrimination between cheeses made from cow’s, ewe’s and goat’s milk from unsaturated fatty acids and use of the canonical biplot method

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Effect of flaxseed supplementation of dairy cows' forage on physicochemical characteristic of milk and Raclette cheese

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Effect of the inclusion of whole citrus in the ration of lactating ewes on the properties of milk and cheese characteristics during ripening

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Immunomodulating effects of water-soluble extracts of traditional French Alps cheeses on a human T-lymphocyte cell line

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Correlation Between Multielement Stable Isotope Ratio and Geographical Origin in Peretta Cows’ Milk Cheese

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How do the nature of forages and pasture diversity influence the sensory quality of dairy livestock products?

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Application of artificial neural network on mono- and sesquiterpenes compounds determined by headspace solid-phase microextraction–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry for the Piedmont ricotta cheese traceability

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Monitoring the geographic origin of both experimental French Jura hard cheeses and Swiss Gruyère and L’Etivaz PDO cheeses using mid-infrared and fluorescence spectroscopies: a preliminary investigation

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Correlation between fatty acids in cows’ milk fat produced in the Lowlands, Mountains and Highlands of Switzerland and botanical composition of the fodder

Marius Collomb, Ueli Bütikofer, Robert Sieber, Bernard Jeangros and Jacques-Olivier Bosset
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