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Volume 61, Number 605-606, 1981
Page(s) 261 - 274
Lait 61 (1981) 261-274
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1981605-60616

Détermination rapide et spécifique du taux d'hydrolyse du lactose par chromatographie liquide à haute performance à l'aide d'un étalon interne


a  Laboratoire de Chimie-Biochimie Alimentaire (E.N.I.T.I.A.A.), La Géraudière -44072 Nantes cedex
b  Laboratoire de Biochimie (E.N.S.B.A.N.A.), Campus Universitaire - 21000 Dijon

(Reçu pour publication en novembre 1980.)

Abstract - A quick and specific determination of the rate of lactose hydrolysis by high performance liquid chromatography using an internal standard
High performance liquid chromatography enables a quick determination of the rate of lactose hydrolysis.
Only ten (10) minutes are necessary to analyse a pure lactose hydrolysate or a hydrolysate of lactose from deproteinated whey and twenty (20) minutes for a hydrolysate of lactose from non deproteinated whey.
Glucose and galactose are not separated and are determined together.
The use of raffinose as internal standard results in an accuracy similar to the one obtained through gas liquid chromatography.
This selective and quick method can be used by any analysis laboratory and is especially suited to industrial controls