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Volume 60, Number 591-592, 1980
Page(s) 14 - 26
Lait 60 (1980) 14-26
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1980591-5922

La composition triglycéridique du lait de bufflonne. Comparaison avec la composition triglycéridique du lait d'autres espèces animales


a  Istituto di Industrie Agrarie della Facoltà di Agraria di Napoli - 80055 Portici, (Italie)
b  Laboratoire de Biochimie et Technologie laitières, Institut National de la Recherche agronomique, C.N.R.Z. - 78350 Jouy-en-Josas (France)

(Reçu pour publication en octobre 1979.)

Abstract - The triglyceride composition of italian water buffalo milk (from Caserte and Salerno districts) was studied. The triglycerides were found to exist in chains between 26 and 54 carbon atoms. They are divided in two groups. The triglycerides having 38 and 50 carbon atoms were found to be the most abundant. The triglyceride compositions of buffalo and cow milks are similar. They differ from the triglyceride compositions of other species of animals, studied by different authors (e.g. human, mare, guinea pig, goat, ewe, rat, mouse, and rabbit milks). The metabolic ways of milk triglycerides synthesis, their relative part in determining the length of the molecule, the structure and final proportion of each triglyceride are examined.