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Volume 55, Number 547, 1975
Page(s) 390 - 395
Lait 55 (1975) 390-395
DOI: 10.1051/lait:197554721

La teneur du lait de vache en nitrate


Laboratoire de la production laitière C.R.Z.V. de Theix - 63110 Beaumont

(Reçu pour publication en mars 1975.)

Abstract - The author reviews the data concerning the level of nitrate in cow's milk. This data is scarce and their values depend largely on the author cited. This data shows nevertheless that the level of nitrate in milk is very low (in the range of p.p.m. of NO3). When the cows ingest a large quantity of nitrate, the level in milk of this ion may increase, but it still stays below the level admissible by the Official Recommendations for drinking water, even when the cows show signs of nitrite poisoning. The level of this ion in milk is either not measurable or is very low (approx. 0,1 p.p.m.). The level in milk of nitrate is discussed in the light of our knowledge of nitrate metabolism in ruminants.