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Volume 43, Number 423-424, 1963
Page(s) 154 - 165
Lait 43 (1963) 154-165
DOI: 10.1051/lait:1963423-4247

Note sur la dégradation des protides au cours de la maturation du Camembert


Abstract - The degradation of nitrogenous matter during the ripening process of Camembert cheese has-been investigated, on the surface as well as in the inside of the cheese, by using four sets samples.
From one set to another, with test samples of the same origin, the phenomenon shows a certain degree of constancy. On the other hand, however, the surface and the inside of the cheese are substantially different so far as the rate of proteolysis is concerned. Material differences in the composition of water-soluble nitrogen in one and the other of the fractions are also detected